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Nowadays IT infrastructure is an essential requirement of any business operation and its involves considerable overhead cost. Renting IT equipment help you solve this critical problem and encourage you to focus on your business and save your capital expenditure.



When you look forward to hiring computers on rent, we help you in finding the best option that suits your need. You may need the system for your office, gallery or home. We understand your requirements quite well. 


We can provide the equipment you need and set it up so your teams are ready to go!


Eliminate up-front expenses, save capital, reduce ownership and end-of-life costs.


Gain access to the latest technology, upgrade as often as you want.


Use the equipment as long as you need it; return it when you don't.


Our experts work seamlessly as part of your team for total peace of mind.


Solutions to fit your budget and reduce capital expenditures.

Rent a computer

We align innovation with quality, cost, and convenience. As a result, you can rent a desktop which have a licensed operating system. If you have any question, please call us (976)7004-1010

Start up

As creative entrepreneurs, we understand that cost effective solution is key factor to start a new business. That’s why we  can  provide the best of equipment, technical support and customer service to meet your unique business needs at a reasonable price.

short term project team

If you are planning to build a short-term project team, it would be wise to choose a rental service that provide you reliable service without high costs. Whatever your business needs, we’ll get it to you.

Training, events, exhibitions

No matter what event you host, we provide the computer needed to your event successfully.  We can even preload your applications so that your device is 100% ready to go when you receive it.

new or promoted staff

As you improve the performance of a computer in the workplace, you will immediately notice the improvement in productivity. Also, if you would like to start hiring a new employee immediately, please contact us. No matter what quantity or configuration you need, we can help. 

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